The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Concealer for Dark Circles

Concealers are beauty products made from skin pigments formulated to hide dark circles and blemishes. Applying concealers to the face before a foundation or other products will help create an even complexion and correct the skin color with redness. The best concealer for dark circles provides benefits for particular skin types. For instance, concealers with hyaluronic acids help treat dry skin. 

As a good makeup product, you can use it to reduce redness, cover dark spots, outline your lips, contour your face, and diminish dark circles under the eyes. When using the concealer on the skin, apply SPF and moisturizer to prevent creasing, protecting the skin from UV exposure. 

The concealer’s primary purpose is to camouflage dark circles and blemishes to help you achieve the best coverage. Therefore, the general rule is to choose a concealer according to the shade of your foundation. According to experts, you should get two shades of concealer, a deeper one and a lighter one than the foundation. 

Types of Concealer

When choosing a concealer, it is advisable to consider your makeup goals and skin care needs. Various common varieties of concealers include;


Some concealers contain yellow, purple, red, or green pigments that neutralize, cover skin care concerns, and treat other discolorations. For instance, while the green concealer covers and counteracts redness in the skin, the purple concealer enhances and brightens the skin tone. 


It is advisable to consider using a cream concealer for heavy coverage. These concealers come in small tubes or palettes and employ intense pigments for hiding blemishes. Since the concealer’s texture is thick and has a satin finish, it is good for dry or normal skin types. 


Liquid concealers have a thin, milky consistency for all skin types. It is advisable to layer a liquid concealer for full or minimal coverage for hiding dark circles under the eyes. Liquid concealers come in dewy and matte finishes. 


Also called stick concealers, spot concealers cover and treat blemishes, creating full-coverage looks. These concealers come in twist-up containers, making targeting specific marks easy. If you have acne or pimples in a particular face area, consider using the spot concealer to cover these blemishes. 


While you can employ any concealer type, spot, cream, or liquid to cover dark circles, it is advisable to find concealers designed explicitly for your under-eye area. Since the skin surrounding the eye is delicate, this concealer has a thin consistency that blends into the skin quickly. This concealer will penetrate the pores without pulling or rubbing the skin. 

How to Pick Concealer Color

Selecting the right concealer depends on your natural coloring and beauty routine. This guide will help you choose the right concealer even if you are not financially stable

Determine your skincare concerns.

The skin tone concealer or color-correcting concealer depends on your skin concerns. If you want to minimize the redness of the skin, go for the color-correcting concealer. These bright concealers follow the color wheel rules; therefore, choose a color-correcting concealer opposite the skin color you wish to cover. 

Yellow and orange are opposite purple and blue on the color wheel; therefore, concealers in these shades help cover and brighten dark circles under your eyes. For dark skin tones, you can try out the orange concealer and choose the yellow concealer for covering under-eye circles in light skin tones. Conversely, select a concealer matching the skin tone if complete or spot coverage is your main skincare concern. 

Identify your skin color.

There are warm, neutral, and cool undertones. Complexions that have undertones have blue veins and a green tint, while colors with cool undertones have a blue shade with purple hues. If the skin has a neutral undertone, your veins will be like a combination of purple and green. Concealers have different dyes that match neutral, coo, and warm tones. Identifying your hues will help you select the right concealer color. 

Narrow it down to three shades.

Choose three shades that match the skin tone. Pick three shades with slight variations, choosing a lighter, darker, and neutral shade. 

Test the concealers on your cheek.

Practitioners suggest trying different concealers with a swatch along the jawline and cheek. Applying minimal concealer to the face is the best method of determining the shade match, but the other option is using each shade on the wrist. 

While massaging the product into the skin, see how it matches the neck and face under natural lighting since artificial lighting may distort the appearance of the concealer. This helps you choose a shade that mimics the natural skin tone. 

Go one shade lighter for the under-eye concealer.

While the face’s concealer should match the skin tone, the under-eye concealer should be two shades lighter than the natural coloring. Utilizing a more lightweight concealer for the eyes helps cover the area of the eyes and creates a brightening effect. 


As with all concealers, you must choose the best option with your skin’s tone, undertone, and where you want to cover. It would help if you chose an option with orange and peach undertones for under-eye circles. Matching them with the proper abdominal crunches will give you the best results. You can also opt for a general stick concealer like the one in the overall skin tone. Try a cool undertone or apply the concealer over the color-correcting primer to counteract warm-toned discoloration and redness. 

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